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New music from the upcoming release is up... - February 14, 2012

I'm getting really excited to release "It Is Upon Us" at the Black Fox Lounge on March 24th -- so I'm putting a few tracks up here... Just look under "Jewish Music." I hope you enjoy!

Jewish Music Up! - December 8, 2009

Check it out under "Jewish Music"! Click on the title of each song to read the lyrics/translation/story behind it. :)

More are on the way!!!

Sweet! - June 28, 2009

My awesome bassist Michael Mountain had his friend take some videos of our show at Sweet last night. It was lots and lots of fun and at one point there were three people up with me! (Michael playing bass, Heather Lloyd from ilyAIMY playing djembe, and my good friend Chrissie Miller singing with me.)


"Fork" by me:
"Volcanoes" by Damien Rice:
"You're Not Coming Home Tonight" by First Aid Kit:
"Hits Me" by me:
Also, among the other musicians there (ilyAIMY, of course, and Joseph Isaacs) was mOsno, and Michael caught his version of "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin on tape. Check it out, it's awesome:

"Exhale Your Blues" is finally here! - February 18, 2009

Yaaaaay! It's available online at, but if you can make it out to the album release party or any of my other shows this spring (info is on my calendar), CDs will be there as well.

CD finished! Now it's just about waiting. - December 23, 2008

The CD is finally finished! After lots and lots of time in the studio and some pauses in the process, all we're waiting on now is some odds and ends and then it's done. I'm really aiming for it to come out in hard copy in February, so get ready for some sort of awesome album release party around then.

Cooch Music Amateur Songwriting Contest Honorable Mention! - April 16, 2008

Yay! "In Touch" won an honorable mention (among five) in the 11th Cooch Music Amateur Songwriting Contest. Check out for info about the contest and the winners.

Just started the new CD! - December 14, 2007

I just started the new CD yesterday. It's going to have somewhat of a different sound from the first, and I'm really excited to see how this goes. In case you don't know, Carl Rushing ( produced my last album and he's producing my new one; he's a genius so check him out.

Featured artist in Urban Mainstream Magazine! - October 20, 2007
Check it out! I'm really happy to be in this zine (page 55, to be exact), because generally I'm lumped in with the folkies but this BET-inspired, bling-infused webzine feels me as well! =)
It's a very well done publication so be sure to take a look for yourself.

New shows on calendar =) - October 9, 2007

Hey guys! I have a bunch of new shows up on the calendar so be sure to stop by sometime this fall/winter. College applications are kicking my butt so if you see me arriving to a cafe, etc. with an exasperated look on my face, the aforementioned evils are probably the culprits!

Just set up a SNOCAP account! - September 20, 2007

Now you can buy my CD from MySpace, Reverb Nation, and even Facebook.


New website - August 23, 2007

So I switched my webhost thingy to Host baby because CD baby has always been so friendly to me and because Network Solutions has been very annoying to deal with. Hopefully the switch will go smoothly and will not involve excess money being spent (this is meant actually, in part, to lower the cost of my website)! I have a lot of new shows up on the site so be sure to check that out -- I really, really appreciate you guys coming out to watch me!
Tonight I'm going to my second Rachel Brice ( workshop. She is a goddess, a.k.a. the best tribal fusion bellydancer and arguably the best bellydancer in the world. I would argue affirmatively. Just wanted to brag.

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